Conservative conspiracy du jour

Rush Limbaugh says Rick Santorum is the victim of a liberal conspiracy merely because Democrats are using the fundamentalist Christian’s words against him.

“The whole point of this contraception stuff [that] started last week is to make sure that if Santorum get this Republican nomination, that’s what he’s going to be known for, and of course the theme of that is: Santorum hates women, Republicans hate women, Republicans have no respect for women,” the conservative radio host said on his show. “Republicans want women in the kitchen constantly pregnant, blah, blah, whatever it is.”

No one’s saying Santorum hates women, merely that he thinks they should be ruled by his own fundamentalist beliefs.

Face it, conservatives, you may well be nominating a candidate who wants to build a bridge to the 1950s. Deal with the consequences.

One response to “Conservative conspiracy du jour”

  1. Santorum has none of the joy that Ronald Reagan so effectively communicated. Instead, he comes off as the archetypal Angry White Male. That’s not good for my side.

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