Bernie Sanders levels homophobic attack against dedicated Clinton surrogate

Just kidding. Actually Sanders’ criticism of smarmy Clinton smear merchant David Brock is completely valid.

Brock, who runs the pro-Clinton media watchdog group Media Matters for America, accused Sanders of racism for running an ad that disproportionately featured white people.

“Let’s remember who David Brock is: he is a political attack dog,” Sanders said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And I happen to like Hillary Clinton, but I am astounded myself at the people she has hired, including David Brock.”
“David Brock, people will remember, used to be a real right-wing guy, who was attacking people like Anita Hill,” he said, referring to the woman who accused Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. “This was an African-American law professor who tried to do the right thing,” Sanders said of Hill.

“This is the guy that Hillary Clinton is making the head of her super-PAC,” he continued. “I just don’t understand — I just don’t understand where the Clinton people are coming from hiring someone like that.”