Nixon in a pantsuit

The shamelessness of Hillary Clinton knows no end.

Clinton, according to her would-be employees, has left full-time organizers with little choice but to criss-cross the country and work as “free help”.

Multiple political organizers and fair-wage advocates painted a picture of a candidate preaching economic opportunity while putting prospective employees in a bind: former campaign staffers are taking unpaid fellowships from now into August, with hopes of securing a job they expect to consist of almost the same responsibilities that they handle as fellows – only with the addition of a pay check and benefits.

Untrustworthy. Unethical. Perpetually aggrieved. Remind you of anyone?

But Hillary is lucky. Victimization is in. And, by the way, she’s a woman and a Clinton, so any criticism of her policies or lack of accountability will be interpreted as “the politics of personal destruction” by her chorus of irredeemable operatives/lackeys (Lanny Davis, Paul Begala, Bill Clinton …

The former president also highlighted what he saw as silver lining in the attacks on her trustworthiness.

“When people go to personal attacks this far before the election, that means they’re scared of you,” he said. “And they should be.”

The look

I tend to be frightened of couples who look at each other this way.

It’s particularly common among religious conservatives, a not-subtle declaration of female submission.

If either of the Duggars  were writing the caption for the picture above, it would probably read something like this: “Isn’t Jim Bob wonderful? What a handsome, inspiring, confident, awe-inspiring leader of men.”

“And didn’t he handle that whole molestation thing masterfully?”

Academy of the Overrated: The new class

I googled “most overrated” and came up with lists featuring names like Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, which betrays the concept. You have to be rated highly by some to be overrated by others.

Here’s my list:

  • Judd Apatow
  • Lena Dunham
  • Kanye West’s intellect
  • Paul Thomas Anderson movies
  • Cocaine
  • Kale
  • Beyonce
  • James Franco
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Soccer
  • The Kennedys
  • Every New York Times’ columnist
  • Nate Silver
  • Apple
  • Elon Musk

Right-wing fanatic: Gay engineers can’t be trusted

So what caused Tuesday’s deadly Amtrak derailment? Some anti-gay zealots are suggesting engineer Brandon Bostian’s sexuality may have played a role.

Today on her radio program, American Family Association governmental affairs director Sandy Rios also mentioned the engineer’s sexual orientation, saying it was likely “a factor” the crash.

“Now I am not saying, I am not inferring to those of you that are gay rights activists and like to monitor this show, I’m not inferring that this accident happened because he was gay, but I do think it’s an interesting part of the story and you can bet it would be edited out,” Rios said. She then suggested that the engineer could have possibly been “going through some confusion that has to do with the very core of who they are,” and mentioned the story of an airline pilot who “put his entire plane at risk because he had an emotional, angry outburst to something that happened,” which she says was related to hormone therapy he was receiving.

End it already

Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, Rev. Lovejoy, Lenny and Ned Flanders, is leaving “The Simpsons.” But the show will go on, even though it lost its edge around the time Barney stopped drinking.

Jean tells CNN Money that the characters Shearer portrays will not be “killed off” but producers will turn to “the most talented members of the voice over community.”

How much money does Matt Groening need? The “Family Guy” crossover was bad enough.

Nothing to see here

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters explains how the Clintons deal with their scandals du jour:

“What we’re seeing consistently from the Clinton world is that there appears to be no criticism of her leadership, of the former president’s leadership, that is legitimate,” Peters said on Morning Joe Thursday. “They’re basically saying ‘Off-limits.’ Anything you want to say, anything you want to report about their background, you’re biased, you have an ax to grind, and you’re part of the vast right wing conspiracy.”

Or you’re sexist.

Monday meanderings

  • I’d vote for the candidate who supports gay marriage but has no interest in attending a gay wedding.
  • If I was transgender or transitioning I’d be really pissed that Bruce Jenner is about to become the most famous transgender or transitioning person. It would be sort of like Ryan Seacrest becoming the most well-known gay guy.
  • Although I’m sympathetic to their cause, is there any group sadder than moderate political coalitions? Moderation is not only barely breathing, it’s irrelevant, sad to say. Blame talk radio, gerrymandering and yourselves.
  • Interesting how the quality of television programming has improved while the quality of television news is in  the toilet.
  • You can’t claim to be a fan of movies if you’ve never seen “The Third Man.”
  • I’d also call it Starfucking:

Prom King Comedy. That’s what I call all this shit. You’ve let the popular kids appropriate the very art form that helped you deal. Fuck.

— Andrés du Bouchet (@dubouchet) April 17, 2015

Scientology’s presidential enabler

Just another reminder that the Clintons should never be trusted.

Travolta told writer Josh Young that just before “Primary Colors” went
before the cameras last April, the actor was in Washington to promote
Scientology – a controversial belief Travolta and scores of other
Hollywood types embrace.

“The next day, I met with Clinton,” Travolta told George.

“He told me: “Your program sounds great. More than that, I’d really love
to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology.'”

Clinton was referring to Germany’s refusal to register Scientology as a
religion because the government considers it a radical cult that cheats
members out of their life savings – an allegation that Scientologists
vehemently deny.

“I was waiting for the seduction that I had heard so much about. I
thought, “Well, how could he ever seduce me?'” Travolta recalled.

“And after we talked, I thought, “Bingo!’ He did it. ^Scientology_ is
the one issue that really matters to me.”

For Travolta, Clinton reportedly went to the extraordinary length of
assigning National Security Adviser Sandy Berger to be the
administration’s Scientology point man.

Berger briefed Travolta in the same manner he would a senior senator,
George reports.

A White House official said last night, “it is perfectly normal and
logical” for Berger to get involved in the Scientology issue because “it
is in the general area of human rights concerns and this is something we
have raised with the German government.”

In November, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with German
Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel – and urged him to stop being intolerant
toward Scientologists.

Boycott Tom Cruise

If you’re going to boycott Dolce & Gabanna for an opinion, even an ignorant one, shouldn’t you also boycott Tom Cruise, who knowingly benefits from slave labor and parrots the propaganda of a dangerous criminal enterprise?

Think twice before paying money to see the new Mission: Impossible movie — it’s not much of a sacrifice, if you think about it.

Ted Cruz waited until country music really sucked to become a fan

“You know, music is interesting. I grew up listening to classic rock and I’ll tell you sort of an odd story. My music tastes changed on 9/11. And it’s a very strange—I actually, intellectually, find this very curious, but on 9/11, I didn’t like how rock music responded. And country music collectively, the way they responded, it resonated with me and I have to say, it—just as a gut level, I had an emotional reaction that says, “These are my people.” And so ever since 2001 I listen to country music, but I’m an odd country music fan because I didn’t listen to it prior to 2001.”

First time I’ve ever heard someone make an “intellectual” argument in favor of this crap.