George Zimmerman preparing 2020 run

Unreasonable hatred of Obama? Check

Respect for Southern “heritage”? Check

Unsubtle racism? Check squared

Christian victimhood? No box left behind

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2 things P.O.S. Obama & his son have in common, self proclaimed “mixed race” and attacking Christians on US soil.

Was the moon landing part of a vast left-wing conspiracy?

Conspiracy theorists are, without exception, intellectually bankrupt, excessively paranoid and patently irresponsible.

Fitting that Rush Limbaugh has joined their ranks.

Limbaugh believes that NASA’s been “corrupted” by the Obama administration and warned listeners “this news that there is flowing water on Mars is somehow going to find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda.”

The Victim Voters Summit

Watching Donald Trump waive a Bible in one hand I couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t waiving a gun in the other.

It would’ve gone over wonderfully at the Values Voters Summit, where the consensus holds that Christians are persecuted, gays control the world, and diplomacy, unnecessary,.

These are the people who rail against entitlement yet believe Kim Davis is entitled to keep her government job because her religion trumps the law. The same people who believe a Muslim shouldn’t hold a government job because of his or her religion.

Yet they — Christian gun fanatics — are the persecuted ones.

No surprise, then, that Ted Cruz won the VVS straw poll after a speech in which, according to the Dallas Morning News, he called Obama a communist, gloated about  John Boehner’s resignation and threatened to assassinate Iran’s supreme leader.

Bring on the Four Horsemen!

Revenge of The Blogosphere Says What?

As diversity coordinator at Diversity Today, the magazine for professionals in the diversity industry, I’ve learned a lot about trigger warnings and micro-aggressions.

For one thing, I don’t like the phrase trigger warnings because it connotes guns. Poopy warnings would be a lot better, though I understand that might be offensive to people with IBS. I’m on a committee that’s trying to come up with a new phrase to replace trigger warnings. We hope to agree on something by 2016, but it’s hard, ya’ll.

Hard is another problematic word, because it could be used to demean people with erectile dysfunction. See, even I am guilty of using inappropriate language.

Fat is a definite no-no. Same with phat, because it might offend people who have been told by the media they are neither pretty, hot or tempting. Just because I’m overweight and balding doesn’t mean I’m not as attractive as Ryan Gosling. Through intense therapy and lots of tears, I’ve learned to embrace my beauty as equal to anyone else’s. The fact that you don’t see bodies like mine on magazine covers shows you just how far we have to go.

I’ve banned Halloween costumes for just that very reason. I’ve found people like to dress up in sexy costumes so they can use their thin privilege on those of us who lack “conventional” good looks. Just like Valentine’s Day serves as an excuse for people in relationships to ridicule those of us who aren’t.

Although I support gay marriage, it’s troubled me how many LGBTQIAETC people now believe they are superior to those of us who choose to be single. Talking about your wedding is a major micro-aggression and will not be tolerated at Diversity Today.

Of course the worst micro-aggressors are the people who complain about micro-aggressions and TBD warnings. They think they can say anything they want with immunity and that simply cannot be tolerated. I hope this becomes a major topic in the upcoming presidential election because I can’t think of a more important issue.

Until then, we have to keep working to build a more tolerant society. I’m doing my part. What about you?

Scott Walker: Not ready for daytime

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin appeared less clear on his position. Asked by the radio host Laura Ingraham on Thursday if Ms. Davis should be compelled to issue marriage licenses, Mr. Walker said:

“It’s a balance that you’ve got to have in America between the laws that are out there, but ultimately ensuring the Constitution is upheld. I read that the Constitution is very clear, that people have the freedom of religion. That means you have the freedom to practice your religious beliefs out there.”

That sort of clarity has Walker’s poll numbers plummeting, deservedly so.

The vanity of the PC police

Luis Torres, a sophomore at Ithaca College, wants you to be offended. And he believes you should thank him for it.

Torres started an Internet campaign called Nude Awakening to shame Merriam-Webster and coax it into changing its entry for the definition of nude.

  • having no clothes on
  • of or involving people who have no clothes on
  • having the color of a white person’s skin

“People often do not realize the smaller acts of racism lead to internalized hate and racism within communities of color and within white communities,” he told “Looking up the definition of ‘nude’ and seeing that even academic sources perpetuate the idea that white skin is more relevant … or just simply important, is detrimental to the psyche of people of color. Language is how we all communicate, and when words are designed and defined to be exclusive, it can be hurtful and harmful.”

Ah, another micro aggression. No one bothered to ask Torres to cite any acts of racism prompted by Merriam-Webster. Not that it matters.

Or point him to another dictionary entry.

  1. extremely small.

Doublespeak, so to speak

Cobb County CEO Tim Lee put his name on a pro-police letter to the editor written by his assistant who, it turns out, didn’t write it, either.

Kellie Brownlow, who makes $105,000 a year in the executive role of deputy chief in Lee’s office, said she authored the letter for Lee, and acknowledged in an interview with the AJC that she took passages from Houlihan’s text. Brownlow said she did not tell Lee about using entire sentences from another source.

Brownlow said it is “common in political discourse for rhetorical phrases and language that concisely makes the point, or words that work, to be repeated.”

Actually, it is not common in political discourse for rhetorical phrases and language that concisely makes the point, or words that work, to be repeated.

What’s really sad is Brownlow probably worked for hours to come up with that nonsense.

“Well framed phrases and words are commonly repeated in public discourse. This was a letter to the editor, not an academic paper,” Brownlow said.

Imagine her blog posts.

Her boss Hogg  didn’t seem too bothered by his assistant’s dishonesty.

Lee did not answer directly when asked Tuesday if it is acceptable for his deputy chief to plagiarize in his name: “I’m not sure where you’re going, but it doesn’t change the intent of the message, and that’s all I have to say about that.”

Better stay profitable, Tom Cruise

The media’s unrequited love affair with (relevant) celebrities has long been an exercise in shameless, soulless pandering, but the wet kiss it planted this week on Tom Cruise marked a new low.

Just three months ago, Cruise was hit with allegations that he profited from slave labor provided by the Church of Scientology and sanctioned the humiliation of an auditioning girlfriend who, after she displeased the cult’s self-appointed messiah, was forced into menial labor.

Cruise has not responded to the allegations. Worse, the media hasn’t asked.

On the web site Grantland, Cruise has received Lifetime Achievement Award treatment, with glowing articles (“Which Tom  Cruise is the Best Tom Cruise?”) about his overrated performance in one of the most overrated flicks ever, “Magnolia,” and his campy turn in “Tropic Thunder.”

Jon  Stewart turned into Jimmy Fallon when Cruise visited “The Daily Show,” praising his resume, fitness and hair. Starfucker Fallon eagerly played along with the most impossible mission — making Cruise seem human — by engaging him in a lip-syncing contest.

At the very least he could’ve had him sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

At the very least, Cruise is the highest-profile advocate for an institution that’s been repeatedly charged with human-rights abuses over the past few decades. If Wright and Gibney’s accounts are accurate, he’s the second most-powerful person in Scientology, and he’s completely insulated from even the most irreverent television personalities in the country asking him questions about it.

That’s unlikely to change — as long as he’s profitable.

I’m sure the serfs who detailed his private jet are happy master wasn’t challenged.

Adam Sandler was never funny

I love when I’m proven right, even when people have a hard time admitting it.

Witness the sudden hand-wringing over the demise of Adam Sandler’s career, as if he just started making bad movies.

In fact, he’s never made a good one.

Sandler movies were gospel. I distinctly recall my babysitter taking me to The Waterboy and me laughing harder than I ever had at anything in a theater to that point. That was the beauty of Sandler’s early stuff: There was an unabashed immaturity to his movies that was kind of charming in how well it understood and reflected the transgressive spirit of a kid toying with the furthermost reaches of what he could get away with in good(ish) taste.

Since a babysitter accompanied him to “The Waterboy,” I assume the writer was no older than 12, which is about the age you should stop finding Adam Sandler funny.

“Billy Madison” is not a classic. Neither is “Happy Gilmore.” It’s revisionist history driven by adolescent boys who refuse to grow up.

A generation ago, you heard the same shit about the painfully unfunny Jerry Lewis. Maybe Sandler will start hosting telethons.

Judd Apatow goes there, calls O.J. a murderer

Oh no he didn’t.

The so-called “king of comedy,” who says he gave up stand-up because he knew he could never be as funny as Adam Sandler (a telling comment), is determined to prove to all us doubters that Bill Cosby is a rapist.

The bravery of comedian Judd Apatow knows no bounds: last night on the Tonight Show,Apatow returned to his favorite topic—rape—and guess what? He’s against it! So bold.

Apatow, of course, first came out publicly against Bill Cosby in January when he tweeted, officially, that the things Cosby has been accused of are bad. An unpopular opinion, perhaps, but one he’s courageously stuck to over, and over, and over, and over.

Even Whoopi Goldberg acknowledges the Cos is a rapist. But Judd Apatow, defender of Tim Allen and, now, women everywhere, is unbowed. Naturally the media can’t praise him enough.

Bill Cosby opponent Judd Apatow saw Hannibal Buress’s Dr. Huxtable joke and raised it a gasp-worthy stand-up takedown of his own. Yep, he went there. He really went there.

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