1/3 of S.C. GOP voters are ignorant

Ignorant being the most polite way to describe the “30 percent of self-identified S.C. Republicans and Republican-leaning voters [who] say Obama is a Muslim.” Another 36 percent say the president “probably” or “definitely” was born in another country. Speaking of the president and  the Palmetto state: Obama Visits South-Carolina-Ravaged South Carolina

The cult of conservative conspiracy theories

A recent Arbitron ratings report showed the ratings for Rusty Limbo and Helmethead dipped dramatically from the previous year. The reason, according to an unnamed “industry leader” quoted by WingNutDaily: “Liberals,” working in consort with the Antichrist Administration, “are falsifying numbers … to kill talk radio.” I thought that was the Fairness Doctrine’s job. It’s … Continue reading The cult of conservative conspiracy theories

One reason not to release OBL photos

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) saw them Wednesday and said that, while many were “pretty graphic,” at least some should be shared with the public to end conspiracy theories that bin Laden is still alive. Trying to appease conspiracy theorists is futile and foolish. They should be ignored, or mocked.