humorless gay “celebs” voice concern over bruno

Does anyone give a fuck what one of the contestants from “Project Runway” thinks (about anything)? And as if they’re not annoying enough, these D-Listers were interviewed outside an event honoring Dustin Lance Black. Can’t wait for his take:

2 responses to “humorless gay “celebs” voice concern over bruno”

  1. can’t wait to see the movie.

  2. First of all, its a dirty trick having a black guy ask is Bruno is like black face. We have a big drag queen out of drag in John Plotnick, a annoying reality show designer in Nick Verreos who is all but Vogueing at any given minute and Peter Paige who was on a hideous sex filled show that depicted a meth abusing thirty-something man with a 16 year old boyfriend. These are the people concerned about perpetuating stereotypes?

    I can’t wait to see Bruno!

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