Say it to his face, fat boy

Rush Limbaugh weighs in on the Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad:

“I think he got scammed. I think he got roped into doing something he thought was patriotic and ended up being played. I do,” the conservative radio host said on his show on Tuesday. “I’m just going to give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest he got suckered into this.”

I can’t recall a sillier (non-)controversy.

One response to “Say it to his face, fat boy”

  1. Funny thing – some of my fellow students called me conservative because I like Clint Eastwood and his (at least in the German translation) decent and in my eyes moderate opinions….now he is suddenly called a liberal (as if this is a bad thing). What about straight thinking and common sense. And the commercial was pretty cool.

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