Metro Atlanta students saved from presidential brainwashing

“You guys are growing up faster and interacting with the wider world in a way that old folks like me didn’t have to,” Obama said. “So today, I don’t want to be another adult who stands up to lecture you like you’re just kids. Because you’re not just kids. You’re this country’s future. Whether we fall behind or race ahead in the coming years is up to you. And I want to talk to you about meeting that responsibility. It starts with being the best student you can be.”

That may sound innocent but if you read between the lines the message is clear. Being the best student you can be is obviously a dig at prominent Republicans like George W. Bush and Rick Perry, who were anything but. Fortunately, parents in Fulton and Gwinnett counties were given the option of pulling their children from class during Obama’s speech, rescuing them from the elitist propaganda disguised as a pro-education pep talk.

Nice try, Comrade Obama.

2 responses to “Metro Atlanta students saved from presidential brainwashing”

  1. This is ridiculous three years going now. Why do I doubt that these idiots will provide the same out for parents who don’t want their kids to listen to a Republican president?

    On an unrelated note, I’m just curious if you provided an interview with Jeff Perleman for his upcoming book:

  2. No comment. I do wonder if all the painkillers caused uncontrollable gas.

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