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If the death penalty is a deterrent …

Then why are executions on the rise?





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  1. Let say it this way – with lower education comes a simpler state of mind, since jury represents the people of the state, and these people are more intellectual challenged then generations before – more death penalties, because getting rid of a problem is easier then analyzing it properly (see Troy Davies). This would also explain why the most death penalties are in Texas – one of the dumbest states…

    It is actually funny that the pro-lifers are pro-death penalty. Suckers.

  2. Executions may be on the rise because many of the issues in death penalty cases are common, that is, they are raised by the death penalty lawyers in every case. As the issues are addressed by the courts, the rulings as a matter of law are applicable to pending cases, leaving fewer issues in the remaining pending cases. Impediments removed, the cases are perhaps moving faster through the courts, “faster” being a relative term. It took 29 years to execute Carl Isaacs, but “only” 20 to execute Troy Davis. When the death penalty is carried out expeditiously, the deterrent effect will make itself felt.

    That this is so may be seen in reverse, in the statistics which plainly show the spike in violent crime in each state after that state abolished the death penalty, commencing in 1961. One by one those states’ violent crime rates rose exponentially.

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