The very un-Christian message of Kirk Cameron’s ‘War on Christmas’ movie

A recent article about churches flouting their tax-exempt status by endorsing political candidates featured one pastor exhorting his congregation to vote for the Republican because he would protect the right to bear arms. Apparently I missed the Bible verse, “Those shalt own a Smith & Wesson.”

The mythical “War on Christmas” is another theological head scratcher, deeply embedded in the victim mentality of Christian fundamentalists. But even if it was true, what does it have to do with Christmas? Doesn’t commercialization contradict the message of the season?

Turns out St. Nick and Black Friday are every bit as holy as the manger scene. At least that’s what Kirk Cameron would have you believe.

By reclaiming Santa Claus, Christmas trees, hot chocolate, and ham as religious artifacts, the movie makes the tacit claim that any disdain for anything even vaguely Christmas is essentially equivalent to blowing your nose on the precious, precious swaddling cloth that Cameron goes on about.

So Christians, at least the kind represented by the Kirk Cameron and Sarah Palins of the world, don’t want less commercialization of Christmas, but more — as long as you don’t tell shoppers “Happy Holidays.”


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