Will ATL ever sync traffic lights?

Though a $1 million GDOT grant has been allocated to synchronize traffic signals along several major corridors in Midtown, drivers in much of the city remain captive to poorly timed lights. Mayor Reed claims fixing the logjam is a priority — assuming he can find the $15 to $20 million estimated get it done.

So far he hasn’t, and synchronizing the signals is nowhere to be found on Atlanta’s T-SPLOST wish list — at least not yet.

Plans for an additional $49 million in local spending — outside the five-year window — have not yet been detailed.

Hopefully the city’s convention visitors will start bitching about the stop and stop Atlanta traffic, as their input is valued above all others.

4 responses to “Will ATL ever sync traffic lights?”

  1. I once asked a city engineer where I live why they didn’t synchronize the traffic lights. He said, “Because the first time it stormed and knocked the power out, we’d have to do it all over again.”

  2. I don’t doubt it. Atlanta is bizarro Germany, a model of inefficiency.

  3. Atlanta does a good job at SPENDING money.

  4. Hey @atlmalcontent, I cover Atlanta City Hall for the AJC and was wondering if you’d be interested in chatting with me about poorly timed traffic lights. I’m working on a story about them am looking to chat with some local folks. I am reachable at jmcwilliams@ajc.com. Thanks either way.

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