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  • Trump the anarchist

    Trump the anarchist

    By putting people in charge of agencies they know nothing about, and could care less about running, Trump is essentially undermining the last remnants of American exceptionalism. So this is to me – there’s a theme in the sort of risks that the Trump administration are taking by putting people who are not suited for […]

  • The Atlanta Purple People Needer

    The Atlanta Purple People Needer

    I’ve been saying this for years, and, regrettably, it still rings true. “It’s like the city views downtown only for events.” ATL Urbanist blogger Darin Givens. And that’s why downtown remains so, well, meh. Atlanta remains a city built for tourists. It’s been that way ever since they paid Sid and Marty Krofft to build […]

  • RIP Robert DeNiro’s landlord

    RIP Robert DeNiro’s landlord

    Chuck Low, best known as Morrie the wig salesman in “Goodfellas, died earlier this month. He debuted in Scorsese’s underrated masterpiece “The King of Comedy,” appearing in just one scene, with no lines. I didn’t even notice him until my third viewing, the first time I watched “King” stoned. Low is the guy in the […]

  • If only we could quarantine ignorance

    If only we could quarantine ignorance

    Georgia Rep. Betty Price, R-Roswell, in a study committee this week asked if the government could “quarantine” people with HIV. Price is married to Tom Price, who recently resigned as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. Her comments came in a discussion of the spread of HIV and disparities in care within the state. […]

  • Bannon’s brigade

    Bannon’s brigade

    First there was Alabama fundamentalist Roy Moore, who in an interview Wednesday claimed NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem are breaking the law. Now Manslug Steve Bannon has settled on conspiracy theorist Kelli Ward as Jeff Flake’s challenger in next year’s GOP primary. This is what a “real conservative” looks like in 2017: […]

  • The reboot

    The reboot

    If they can remake an absolute piece of shit like “Flatliners,” then I can revive the Malcontent. It’s been almost two years since I blogged regularly. Now no one does. So there’s an opening. Things will be different this time — less didactic, more succinct. It could be a flop, like “Flatliners.” Or an overwhelming […]