Junior Samples would’ve been 85 this year

The 20th Century’s most overrated figure (she actually touched poor people and once hugged someone with AIDS!) gets the 50th birthday treatment from Newsweek. It’s the UK’s most embarrassing fetish, as illustrated by Newsweek editor Tina Brown’s vacuous profile of the late princess: “Diana would have been 50 this month,” she writes. “What would she … Continue reading Junior Samples would’ve been 85 this year

A colony of wankers

How do you rationalize a country’s enthusiasm for juvenile bathroom humor? If you’re British, you boast “it’s what separates us from Johnny Foreigner,” as if those of us unamused by flatulence jokes are unsophisticated rubes. How did we become addicted to rudeness – in the sense of fart-joke vulgarity as well as personal insult? Is … Continue reading A colony of wankers