Moving day

I’ve moved from WordPress to Posterous. Still tidying up, so the site’s not complete but I’ve begun posting. Those who type in to get here have already been redirected. Those who don’t should update your bookmark to Thanks, and see you there.

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welcome, newbies

Thanks to WordPress for featuring the Malcontent in today’s edition of Freshly Pressed. (And thanks to Chamblee54 for the heads-up.) Now for some non-holiday cheer:

today on the malcontent

Busier than usual: Legitimate concerns over the new breast cancer guidelines; Sarah Palin makes me feel “Grimey”; A prayer vigil at a strip club; Clint Eastwood blasts America; Australia assails Scientology; Better tardy than silent: Newsweek addresses the perpetuation of queer stereotypes; Palin courts Beck, makes my head explode; On Communism and cuckoos.

“hee haw” alum LuLu reads the malcontent, and so should you

My first celebrity endorsement: hey, I am LuLu Roman’s manager and we are just curious. We came across your site and saw your mention of LuLu. What does the “neither of ‘em could hold LuLu Roman’s girdle”comment mean? She thinks it is terribly funny, but we’d like to know. By the way, congrats on the … Continue reading “hee haw” alum LuLu reads the malcontent, and so should you