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  • No more excuses

    No more excuses

    Atlanta has some of the worst surface streets in the nation (along with its unsynchronized traffic lights), creating an urban clusterfuck with few peers. If city leaders are ever going to fix them, now’s the time. Don’t hold your breath. Under the new law, the Georgia Department of Transportation will receive at least $2 billion. […]

  • Obscure Atlanta laws

    Obscure Atlanta laws

    If you film a movie here it must suck. Really suck. As in, even morons think it sucks. To put it another way, the Burt Reynolds oeuvre ranks as Atlanta’s cinematic high point (“Deliverance,” a true classic, was filmed in Georgia, not the ATL). The competition: The American Pie “reunion”; more than one Katherine Heigl […]

  • Buckhead about to get cheesier

    (source) Office space in Buckhead is being converted into a restaurant. Hooters’ competitor, Twin Peaks, submitted an application to City of Atlanta to receive a building permit to begin construction on its fist Georgia location.

  • ‘The man who watched Cy Young pitch, Joe Louis box …’

    Jeff Schultz pays tribute to Furman Bisher, who informed generations of Atlanta sports fans. I started reading him at 6 years old. More than 30 years later, I was (technically) a colleague, though Mr. Bisher had no peer. “People look at me like I’m in a museum or something,” he said. “It’s like I’m one […]

  • Bipartisan consensus on wasting Atlanta tax dollars

    Bipartisan consensus on wasting Atlanta tax dollars

    Mayor Kasim Reed has endorsed an unnecessary new football stadium for the Falcons, overlooking the city’s much more pressing needs in favor of billionaire welfare. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” the mayor told a crowd of roughly 150 people gathered to welcome the big-box retailer to the historic but beleaguered neighborhood. “Not far from here, […]