Quid pro crock

AT&T is lining up support for its acquisition of T-Mobile from a slew of liberal groups with no obvious interest in telecom deals — except that they’ve received big piles of AT&T’s cash. In recent weeks, the NAACP, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the National Education Association have each issued public statements … Continue reading Quid pro crock

Teachers never to blame

The Daily Beast’s Diane Ravitch takes Secretary of Educaton Arne Duncan to task for suggesting poor teachers contribute to low test scores. Apologists like Ravitch seem incapable of admitting bad teachers even exist. “Behind the teachers’ rage and skepticism is the fact that Duncan has time and again said that ‘bad’ teachers cause low test … Continue reading Teachers never to blame

No working class heroes in this bunch

Don’t confuse Wisconsin’s public employees unions with the average working stiff. I can be fired for incompetence, unlike public school teachers. My benefits are nowhere near as sweet. And, like many private sector workers, I’ve gone years without a raise. Why should public employees be immune? And when will the teacher’s unions be held accountable … Continue reading No working class heroes in this bunch

Boehner (wisely) calls Obama’s bluff

The Ohio Republican, along with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), will introduce legislation on Wednesday to reauthorize the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, the speaker’s office said Monday, making a school voucher initiative that Democrats, including Obama, have strongly opposed as a bargaining chip for beginning discussions on the administration’s desired education proposals. … Teachers unions have … Continue reading Boehner (wisely) calls Obama’s bluff

Say what?

Gail Collins has apparently never heard how difficult it is to get a bad public school teacher fired: In his new film, the American Federation of Teachers, a union, and its president, Randi Weingarten, seem to be playing the role of carbon emissions. The movie’s heroes are people like the union-fighting District of Columbia schools … Continue reading Say what?