what is it about conservatives and dim, self-pitying egomaniacs?

What a surprise — former Miss California Carrie Prejean stole the show at the Value Voters Summit this weekend. Prior to choking up, Prejean explained how she knew her answer would jeopardize all the work she had put into preparing for the pageant. She said, however, that she believes she was chosen for that moment. … Continue reading what is it about conservatives and dim, self-pitying egomaniacs?

Slamming Michael Jordan

Charles Pierce goes where few sportswriters dare in an article comparing LeBron James to MJ: Jordan wrote the book on how to become a wildly popular and successful athlete without demonstrating even the sliver of a public conscience. More to the point, he created a new template for risk-free stardom, whereby involvement in the unruly … Continue reading Slamming Michael Jordan

Zinged by Duane

He knows me so well: You are still mad that you couldn’t be head cheerleader, aren’t you? Well, I didn’t have a picnic in school either. The interesting thing is, by continually belittling me because of your hate for them, you are just joining the ranks of those that continually bullies those that are already … Continue reading Zinged by Duane