Never confuse Greta Van Scientologist with a journalist

No one should be surprised that Sarah Palin’s chief media mouthpiece and BFF failed to disclose her husband was good friends with Herman Cain before interviewing the candidate’s wife. Greta Van Susteren is no journalist — never has been, never will be. She’s an annoying media personality and cult member who just happens to score … Continue reading Never confuse Greta Van Scientologist with a journalist

My eyes are bleeding

Tom Cruise plays an aging rock star in the oh-so-cleverly titled “Rock of Ages.” Turns out he really liked doing a musical. What a surprise.  

Of course Scientology investigated ‘South Park’ creators

The Cult of Scientology, true to form: Another interesting revelation at Marty Rathbun’s blog this morning: Rathbun released what he said was an internal Scientology document which suggests that the church targeted Trey Parker and Matt Stone for a classic OSA investigation in retaliation for the infamous South Parkepisode that exposed the religion’s bizarre upper-level … Continue reading Of course Scientology investigated ‘South Park’ creators

We are the weird

The Village Voice has the backstory on this vintage Scientology propaganda video. Cult honcho David Miscavige (“[the little dude] wearing weird Hermes/goatse shirt”) has a glassy-eyed cameo.

Scientology’s official stalkers

When they’re not building custom-made motorcycles for Scientology cult leader David Miscavige’s gay lover, these pot-bellied zombies are assigned to shadow and harass former members.

Revelations from an ex-Scientologist

The New Yorker has a fascinating account of Oscar-winning writer and director Paul Haggis’ divorce from the Cult of Scientology. I found the following passages particularly revealing. “How dare you compare [Scientology leader] Dave Miscavige with Martin Luther King!” one of the officials shouted. Haggis was shocked. “They thought that comparing Miscavige to Martin Luther … Continue reading Revelations from an ex-Scientologist