Sarah Palin defrauds conservatives and still they love her

Sarah Palin’s PAC “is dedicated to building America’s future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation.” Whatever. Sarah PAC raised $756,000 in the fourth quarter of 2011, contributing only $5,000 to campaigns. The rest of the money went to Palin. $32,572.95 to True North L’Attitudes, for “scheduling.” $60,000 to Throw Them All Out author Peter Schweizer for “issue consulting.” Schweizer is largely handed conceptual credit for the anti-“crony capitalism” riff Palin started using in September 2011. $47,750 to Passcode Creative, for video production. Palin’s bus tour accounted for 10 percent of the donations. While in Iowa…

Reason #1 to vote against Newt

Sarah Palin may get to the White House after all, if Newt Gingrich wins in 2012, that is. The Republican presidential candidate told CNN Wednesday evening that if he wins the White House, he’d ask the ex-Alaska governor to take a “major role” in his administration.

Sarah Palin in blackface

Herman Cain is officially a joke. Defending his ignorance on foreign policy matters, Cain said Thursday, “We need a leader, not a reader.” That followed the cancellation of an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader after the paper refused to exclude C-Span from videotaping it.

Actors often say stupid things

“In terms of the research I did on the way campaigns are conducted, you know, so much is about how do you get on the air, how to you get the most media attention, how do you make the most noise. When, in fact, what we’re all looking for is leadership. We don’t want noise. We want people who are going to take care of us.” —Julianne Moore, portraying Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO movie “Game Change.” The role required her to say many stupid things so we’ll give Moore a break.

Pay Sarah Palin to think

(credit to Bill Maher for the headline) Alaska Republican Sarah Palin is “on the verge of making her decision of whether or not to run for office” – and her backers should write a check right away, a letter from her political action committee says. The Sept. 20 letter from SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford says: “It’s one of the most difficult and important decisions of her life. And I want her to know that she has our support.” It continues — the latest.

The Real Housewife of Alaska

Sarah Palin‘s juvenile temperament on display in Iowa: Specifically inviting over reporter Kasie Hunt from Politico so she could hear the exchange, Palin called Pappas’ cell phone and began berating him in a very scolding manner for writing a headline suggesting she supports Romney. Pappas didn’t even know what she was talking about. When he tried to say that neither he nor his editors had written such a headline, she said she didn’t have time for this, that she needed to go back to the “real people” at the State Fair, and hung up on him. Related articles Sarah Palin’s Media Paranoia…