The pope and Chuck E. Cheese

Assume you’re the district manager for Chuck E. Cheese. One of your managers has pleaded no contest to lewd conduct for tying up and molesting two boys. You give that manager a leave of absence, then transfer him to a different Chuck E. Cheese even after he’s asked to be relieved of his duties. His fellow managers come to you with their concerns, and you still refuse to act.

You would go to jail. Or at least you should. And yet the pope plays the victim. These are not the actions of a holy man.

Catholic League favors lowering age of consent to 12


Roberts: Bill is good but you cannot link homosexuality to a pedophilia crisis in the Catholic Church.

Bill Donohue: It’s not a pedophilia… most of the victims were post pubescent…

Roberts: You know…

Donohue: You’ve got to get your facts straight. I’m sorry. If I’m the only one that’s going to deal with facts tonight so be it. The vast majority of the victims are post pubescent. That’s not pedophilia buddy. That’s homosexuality.

Roberts: Bill, I don’t think as a person of faith that you really know what you’re talking about when it comes to a victim and a survivor. (crosstalk)

Donohue: It’s not of my opinion. Take a look at the social science data. I never said that most homosexuals are that way.

Roberts: No you just said that cut down homosexuals… (crosstalk).

Donohue: Yes! Practicing homosexuals.

O’Conner: Sorry Larry, at what age does somebody become, you know, post pubescent in America as a matter of ages?

King: What is the age?

Thomas: Ah… I don’t know. Let’s ask Bill. He seems to be the authority on post pubescency.

Donohue: 12, 13 years of age.