The real dividers

President Obama has been criticized for rarely engaging the county on matters of race but, seeing the nasty reaction from GOP presidential candidates to his benign comments on the Trayvon Martin case, it’s easy to understand why he tends to abstain. “Is the president suggesting if it had been a white who had been shot, … Continue reading The real dividers

Dispatches from the traveling circus

GULFPORT, Miss. — Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich says a new ABC television series is evidence that the entertainment industry harbors anti-Christian bias. Gingrich is criticizing the comedy-drama “GCB,” which has also been called “Good Christian Belles.” But Gingrich is referring to the series by the name of the 2009 novel that inspired it, “Good … Continue reading Dispatches from the traveling circus

Victim politics

Newt reminds a sanctuary full of affluent white Christians who the real victims are. “You have radical Islamists who want to kill us, and the secular left who want to coerce us,” he said.

Trump this: Newt secures coveted Gallagher endorsement

Self-proclaimed comedian Gallagher announced Friday he is endorsing Newt Gingrich for president. Gallagher said the former speaker shares his concerns about America’s cultural drift. “Like me, he’s opposed to people naming their girl-children Sam and Toni instead of acceptable names like Evelyn and Betty: Just give her some little lesbian tendencies!” Gingrich would re-open Guantánamo … Continue reading Trump this: Newt secures coveted Gallagher endorsement

Reason #1 to vote against Newt

Sarah Palin may get to the White House after all, if Newt Gingrich wins in 2012, that is. The Republican presidential candidate told CNN Wednesday evening that if he wins the White House, he’d ask the ex-Alaska governor to take a “major role” in his administration.

Never trust a sanctimonious egomaniac

Via Politico: After nearly a week on the defensive, CNN’s John King reports tonight that Newt Gingrich’s claim about offering witnesses to ABC News in his defense — to rebut the network’s interview with his second wife, Marianne Gingrich — was not true. “Tonight, after persistent questioning by our staff, the Gingrich campaign concedes now Speaker Gingrich was wrong — both in his debate … Continue reading Never trust a sanctimonious egomaniac

‘The most seriously professorial politician since Woodrow Wilson’ doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment

Professor Newt demonstrates a fundamentally profound misunderstanding of Amendment 1. “We’re going to serve notice on future debates,” [Gingrich] told Fox. “We’re just not going to allow that to happen. That’s wrong. The media doesn’t control free speech. People ought to be allowed to applaud if they want to.” To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, the media … Continue reading ‘The most seriously professorial politician since Woodrow Wilson’ doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment

The humility of Newt

Some fundamentally profound quotations attesting to the transformational grandiosity of Newt (via the Romney oppo research team): “I Am Essentially A Revolutionary.” (Adam Clymer, “House Revolutionary,” The New York Times, 8/23/92) “I Have An Enormous Personal Ambition. I Want To Shift The Entire Planet. And I’m Doing It. … I Represent Real Power.” (Lois Romano, “Newt Gingrich, Maverick … Continue reading The humility of Newt

Zsa Zsa for president

The right is already making excuses for Newt. “Psychiatrist” Keith Ablow, writing for, does them one better, arguing that Gingrich’s serial adultery will make him a better president. 1) Three women have met Mr. Gingrich and been so moved by his emotional energy and intellect that they decided they wanted to spend the rest … Continue reading Zsa Zsa for president

Newt’s lame mea culpa

In the Christian tradition forgiveness requires sincere confession. Here’s how Newt acknowledged his sins: “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.