Will Herman Cain place the troops under the sand?

Call it the Godfather’s foreign policy — besides, his head could use some company.

When Gregory then asked Cain whether he was a “neoconservative,” the presidential hopeful admitted he had no idea what Gregory was talking about.

“I’m not sure what you mean by neoconservative,” said Cain. “I am a conservative, yes. Neoconservative — labels sometimes will put you in a box. I’m very conservative.”

“But you’re familiar with the neoconservative movement?” asked Gregory.

“I’m not familiar with the neoconservative movement,” admitted Cain. “I’m familiar with the conservative movement. Let me define what I mean by the conservative movement — less government, less taxes, more individual responsibility.”

When asked a question about Afghanistan during a previous GOP debate, Cain said he would rely on  “the experts and their advice and their input.”

“I’m not privy to a lot of confidential information,” he said. “At this point, I don’t know all the facts.”

He has since clarified his answer: “9-9-9.”