A salute to Rick Perry

Sad that I feel compelled to salute a candidate for speaking out against letting the uninsured die, but that’s today’s Tea Party-dominated GOP for you.

Texas Governor Rick Perry says he was “taken aback” by an incident that occurred at Monday night’s Republican presidential debate after U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was asked if a man who is sick should be left to die because he is uninsured, according to NBC News.

In addressing the situation that unfolded Perry reportedly said, “We’re the party of life.”

Still think the tea party isn’t extremist?

An intellectual, minus intellectual curiosity

Christopher Hitchens points out how Noam Chomsky’s ridiculous pronouncements regarding the death of bin Laden fit neatly into the MIT professor’s loopy post-9/11 narrative:

In short, we do not know who organized the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, or any other related assaults, though it would be a credulous fool who swallowed the (unsupported) word of Osama Bin Laden that his group was the one responsible. An attempt to kidnap or murder an ex-president of the United States (and presumably, by extension, the sitting one) would be as legally justified as the hit on Abbottabad. And America is an incarnation of the Third Reich that doesn’t even conceal its genocidal methods and aspirations. This is the sum total of what has been learned, by the guru of the left, in the last decade.

Chomsky’s worldview — that America is a force of evil, always — is every bit asĀ  simplistic as those who argue the U.S. is as infallible as Jesus. You say renowned linguist and philosopher, I say Sean Hannity.