Why Tebow?

He’s not the first telegenic Christian quarterback. Remember Steve Bartkowski? There’s been plenty more since, and most were much more accomplished than Tim Tebow. So why all the fuss? The guy is totally scripted and not a very good QB. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but really, why is everyone so invested in a … Continue reading Why Tebow?

Cap du jour

Jan Couch: religious broadcaster, Georgia native, classic caricature (her doctorate is an honorary one from Oral Roberts University)  

What do evangelicals and gays have in common?

Movies geared toward their audiences typically suck, as Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir notes in his review of the new Christian-themed movie, “Soul Surfer”: At the risk of offending many people in many different directions, Christian cinema reminds me of gay cinema. If, that is, gay cinema were permanently stuck in 1986, with a self-ghettoizing mandate to … Continue reading What do evangelicals and gays have in common?