back in my day …

Al Kosa’s not going there (via Rowland’s Office):

Ah, if we could go back to the times when America stood for something. The 1950s, say, when people were ethical and caring and God-fearing. Just ask a black person, a gay person, or a woman who wanted to do something besides type or be a telephone operator. Good old days. Baseball owners were corrupt tyrants who had players under their thumbs. Oh, for the days of the Black Sox scandal.

hypocrisy in sports coverage

Don’t interpret this as a defense of A-Roid, but why are football players who’ve been caught juicing never held to account?

Rodney Harrison and Shawne Merriman are two of the NFL’s best defenders, and neither player’s career has been tainted by revelations of steroid abuse.

They’re not household names, but you’ll notice the sports media always seems to excuse the sainted NFL. Same with Congress (though it has no business getting involved in either sport).

Does anyone doubt that PED’s are as pervasive in football as they were in baseball?

idiot professional athlete du jour

Jordan Schafer, the Braves’ top minor league prospect, has been suspended 50 games for using HGH.

I guess he was unaware of the drama following Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens — understandable, considering the media’s preoccupation with the crackdown in Burma and the Somalian refugee crisis.