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To be fair, she doesn’t read

Turns out Sarah Palin, who has been one of Duck Dynasty’s biggest defenders, hasn’t actually read the GQ interview that includes cast member Phil Robertson’s controversial comments on homosexuality and other subjects.

When pressed by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren whether the language Robertson used when talking about his opposition to homosexuality was graphic and offensive, Palin admitted she didn’t know what Robertson had said.

Sarah Palin hates Charles Schultz

Sarah Palin hates Charles Schultz

In case you need to be reminded that Sarah Palin is a dope:

This morning, Palin, while hawking her book, told Matt Lauer, “I love the commercialization of Christmas, because it spreads the Christmas cheer.”

Lauer, trying to get Palin to settle on one narrative, then said, “but you say it takes the heart out of Christmas.”

“No,” Palin responded, “what I’m saying is we need to protect the heart of Christmas and not let an angry atheist armed with an attorney, as Scrooge, tell us that we can’t celebrate traditional faith in America. We have a constitutionally protected right to celebrate faith and Christmas is a part of that.”