The most PC movie review ever

April 28, 2011 // 0 Comments

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Back in Oct. 2009, Todd Boyd, a professor of mine at USC and Tyler Perry’s fiercest critic, wrote: [In] spite of the demeaning stereotypes and utter disregard for black humanity, TP’s [...]

Sanitizing history

January 6, 2011 // 0 Comments

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From the people who gave you the epithet-free version of “Huckleberry Finn”: “I’ll never be out-African-Americaned again!” —George Wallace [...]

Tweet du jour

January 6, 2011 // 0 Comments

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Andisheh Nouraee: Reading new copy of Huckleberry Finn. The chapter where Huck & Jim complete a boating safety class & buy life jackets is a hoot! [...]

Are you a heterosexist?

October 20, 2010 // 0 Comments

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The acronym is bigger than I thought — and even more ridiculous. The latest, all-inclusive version: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex Queer Questioning Asexual Ally The University of [...]

no quarter

July 14, 2008 // 0 Comments

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Let’s keep this simple for the let’s keep this simple crowd. A bunch of partisan scolds are excoriating a highbrow publication for having the temerity to appeal to wannabe highbrows: [...]

the hysterically indignant respond

July 13, 2008 // 10 Comments

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A sampling of Huffington Post commenters reacting to The New Yorker cover: realtalk IT IS SAD THAT BARACK OBAMA WHO IS A GOOD MAN, WITH A GREAT WIFE, AND TWO GREAT DAUGHTERS HAVE TO TAKE THIS GARBAGE [...]

stand up for satire

July 13, 2008 // 2 Comments

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In a depressing nod to the dimwitted and perpetually aggrieved, Barack Obama’s campaign has condemned a New Yorker cover depicting him as a flag-burning terrorist and his wife as a gun-toting [...]
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