‘They made the world’s largest pizza, so we burned down their city hall’

Over the past few years right-wing radio, in a seemingly coordinated effort, has cast George Soros as the Great Satan. I’m not sure how, or why, he became Public Enemy No. 1, but to conspiracy-minded conservatives he’s the puppet master of the shadowy Marxist underground plotting to take over the world. But according to Neil … Continue reading ‘They made the world’s largest pizza, so we burned down their city hall’

Fearing Minnesota

I’ve criticized the rhetorical excesses of certain conservatives during the health care reform debate, and I’ll be equally unsparing toward hyper-paranoid partisans eager to play the victim: Think about it – do you really feel safe in Michele Bachman’s state of Minnesota any more? I’m not sure we should assume we’re safe anymore at all … Continue reading Fearing Minnesota

when partisans attack

Far right Republicans accuse the opposition of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Far left Democrats accuse the opposition of being the enemy: You’re helping Hitler. You’re as a bad as Hitler. Hard to say which is worse, but that’s a pretty fair assessment of the state of political discourse among those who speak … Continue reading when partisans attack

fraud, what fraud?

Partisan hypocrisy defined: The right wing, the McCain/Palin camp, and now even CNN is screaming fraud on based on 2000 bogus ACORN registrations in Indiana. Like most “Conspiracies” this is probably a case of incompetence rather than any attempt at registering no existent voters for some kind of grand scheme to allow folks to vote … Continue reading fraud, what fraud?

the blatant dishonesty of professional partisans

Overheard on Larry King … 1. A Democratic strategist, assessing Sarah Palin’s brief media tour: She did great in her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Hannity, though admittedly she had a couple of “rough moments” in her sitdown with Katie Couric. Why does the media acommodate propaganda? Strategists are paid by parties and/or candidates, and … Continue reading the blatant dishonesty of professional partisans

from the country that brought your freedom fries

In San Francisco, sales of the coincidentally named Palin Syrah wine have plummeted since Sarah Palin was added to the GOP ticket. “Before McCain made his announcement it was selling very well, because it’s an affordable wine and it’s from South America,” Guillou said. “Then he made his announcement and we hear people making comments … Continue reading from the country that brought your freedom fries

learning about sex before learning to read?

Two weeks ago, most Republicans didn’t think they could win the presidency. Two weeks ago, most Democrats didn’t think they could lose. Now the GOP is confident and the Dems are nervous. You see it on the cable news shows. It’s getting irrational. It’s getting nasty. And it’s only going to get worse.