‘How can you claim self-defense and you are the aggressor?’

That question begets another: How do police fail to file charges when an unarmed teen is shot for apparently no other reason than his appearance? SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — Calls made to police show that a black teenager was terrified as he tried to get away from the white neighborhood watch volunteer who shot him, … Continue reading ‘How can you claim self-defense and you are the aggressor?’

West Memphis 3 set free

I didn’t see this coming. Though I’m not 100 percent convinced of their innocence, there’s no doubt the prosecution didn’t prove its case. And the three’s defense didn’t do it’s job.

Tweet du jour

If crimes “begin and end with the criminals who commit them,” I think Sarah Palin just endorsed a mosque near Ground Zero. about 5 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by 100+ people gknauss Greg Knauss

atac founder announces for mayor

Kyle Keyser, a victim of the perception of crime who has become a positive force for change in the city, is running for mayor. Full disclosure: Kyle is a FOAM (friend of ATLmalcontent).

still sleazy after all these years

Don’t ask my why I was watching “Geraldo” at 4 a.m. It was a mistake. During an interview of the stepfather of the California kidnapping victim, Geraldo offered that her abductor had “probably been messing around with her since she was 11, 12 …” I’m sure the victim’s stepfather appreciated the reminder.

a plastic fantastic victim

Not to make light of a gruesome murder, but can any good come out of a relationship between a surgically enhanced ex-model and professional reality show contestant?

the city too broke for cops

Andy adds it up on Facebook: What if the $20M Shirley wasted on Brand Atlanta was spent on cops? At $40/hour, that’s 259 cops working for a year.