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Breitbart exclusive: Reporters pursue scoops!

Breitbart propagandist Aaron Klein with a game-changing exclusive: Washington Post encouraged Roy Moore accuser to come forward.

Apparently Breitbart’s “senior investigative reporter” has no idea how a reporter functions. If you find out something newsworthy, you do your best to encourage the source, often reluctant, to come forward. It’s not always pretty and I try to be upfront about it. Yes, this may benefit my career, but it also benefits the public to know, for example, whether a candidate for the U.S. Senate is a pedophile.

Breitbart calls this “activist behavior” by the Post, which is absurd. Klein is the one with an agenda, twisting the words of the victim’s mother — who believes her daughter’s account — to protect a candidate supported by his boss and hyped by his outlet. It doesn’t get more #fakenews than that.


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