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Why are Yankee politicos fixated on protecting the Confederacy?

In his bid to become Virginia’s governor New Jersey-born Ed Gillespie decided he needed to hitch his Civil War-era wagon with the “fergit hell” crowd.

So why is Gillespie intent on “keeping them up”? He said in a debate he’s not for “glorifying the objects of the statues but we can educate about them. ” Never mind that statues are all about glorification. No one’s ever erected a statue to a villain.

New York native Donald Trump spins that same sort of bullshit in his defense of Confederate monuments, as if taking them down will wipe the figures depicted from history. If that’s true then we better erect statues to every historical figure, lest we forget.

Either Gillespie and Trump are self-loathing Northerners or they’re taking advantage of misplaced white resentment.

I think the answer is clear, at least to this sixth-generation Georgian who resents race-baiting Yankee opportunists.


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