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Is it sexist to call Lena Dunham annoying?

Probably. According to Dunham, calling Hillary Clinton “inaccessible” is sexist.

So how should we describe a candidate who didn’t give an interview until three months into her second run for the presidency? The same one who had her functionaries literally rope off reporters — on Independence Day, no less. Is crypto-fascist acceptable?

Plastic is another of Dunham’s “words you can’t use when describing a female candidate.”

“There’s just a list of words that, if we were allowed to talk about about male candidates that way I’d have a (bleeping) field day,” said Dunham, exhibiting the kind of conviction enjoyed by morons everywhere. “I’d enjoy my life so much.”

Because no one ever called a male candidate “plastic.”




One thought on “Is it sexist to call Lena Dunham annoying? Leave a comment

  1. Is it sexist to point out that Dunham, despite her incredibly privileged upbringing, appears to never have seen the inside of a dentist’s office, a hair salon, or a gym?

    ‘member me, Malcontent?

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