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Kanye West is not very smart (cont’d)

And his fashion line sucks.

That is to say, it’s brilliant but no one will give him the proper credit because he’s straight.

“I got discriminated against in fashion for not being gay,” he said in a wide-ranging interview with SHOW Studio recently.

“It’s the people that break the stereotypes that make history but I just thought it was interesting to point that out about the fashion world and the music world and just culturally, it’s reverse discrimination.”

He went on to discuss his father-in-law Caitlyn Jenner, correcting himself when he called her “Bruce.”

“Oh sorry, it’s disrespectful to use that name but I’m still getting acquainted with what’s politically correct because it’s new, it’s modern. This is like Roman times, bro.”

Yeah, just like the Roman times.

(More proof that Kanye is something of moron.)


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