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The Victim Voters Summit

Watching Donald Trump waive a Bible in one hand I couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t waiving a gun in the other.

It would’ve gone over wonderfully at the Values Voters Summit, where the consensus holds that Christians are persecuted, gays control the world, and diplomacy, unnecessary,.

These are the people who rail against entitlement yet believe Kim Davis is entitled to keep her government job because her religion trumps the law. The same people who believe a Muslim shouldn’t hold a government job because of his or her religion.

Yet they — Christian gun fanatics — are the persecuted ones.

No surprise, then, that Ted Cruz won the VVS straw poll after a speech in which, according to the Dallas Morning News, he called Obama a communist, gloated about  John Boehner’s resignation and threatened to assassinate Iran’s supreme leader.

Bring on the Four Horsemen!


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