Adam Sandler was never funny

I love when I’m proven right, even when people have a hard time admitting it.

Witness the sudden hand-wringing over the demise of Adam Sandler’s career, as if he just started making bad movies.

In fact, he’s never made a good one.

Sandler movies were gospel. I distinctly recall my babysitter taking me to The Waterboy and me laughing harder than I ever had at anything in a theater to that point. That was the beauty of Sandler’s early stuff: There was an unabashed immaturity to his movies that was kind of charming in how well it understood and reflected the transgressive spirit of a kid toying with the furthermost reaches of what he could get away with in good(ish) taste.

Since a babysitter accompanied him to “The Waterboy,” I assume the writer was no older than 12, which is about the age you should stop finding Adam Sandler funny.

“Billy Madison” is not a classic. Neither is “Happy Gilmore.” It’s revisionist history driven by adolescent boys who refuse to grow up.

A generation ago, you heard the same shit about the painfully unfunny Jerry Lewis. Maybe Sandler will start hosting telethons.

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