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Judd Apatow goes there, calls O.J. a murderer

Oh no he didn’t.

The so-called “king of comedy,” who says he gave up stand-up because he knew he could never be as funny as Adam Sandler (a telling comment), is determined to prove to all us doubters that Bill Cosby is a rapist.

The bravery of comedian Judd Apatow knows no bounds: last night on the Tonight Show,Apatow returned to his favorite topic—rape—and guess what? He’s against it! So bold.

Apatow, of course, first came out publicly against Bill Cosby in January when he tweeted, officially, that the things Cosby has been accused of are bad. An unpopular opinion, perhaps, but one he’s courageously stuck to over, and over, and over, and over.

Even Whoopi Goldberg acknowledges the Cos is a rapist. But Judd Apatow, defender of Tim Allen and, now, women everywhere, is unbowed. Naturally the media can’t praise him enough.

Bill Cosby opponent Judd Apatow saw Hannibal Buress’s Dr. Huxtable joke and raised it a gasp-worthy stand-up takedown of his own. Yep, he went there. He really went there.

More like yawn-worthy.

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