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Monday meanderings

  • I’d vote for the candidate who supports gay marriage but has no interest in attending a gay wedding.
  • If I was transgender or transitioning I’d be really pissed that Bruce Jenner is about to become the most famous transgender or transitioning person. It would be sort of like Ryan Seacrest becoming the most well-known gay guy.
  • Although I’m sympathetic to their cause, is there any group sadder than moderate political coalitions? Moderation is not only barely breathing, it’s irrelevant, sad to say. Blame talk radio, gerrymandering and yourselves.
  • Interesting how the quality of television programming has improved while the quality of television news is in  the toilet.
  • You can’t claim to be a fan of movies if you’ve never seen “The Third Man.”
  • I’d also call it Starfucking:

Prom King Comedy. That’s what I call all this shit. You’ve let the popular kids appropriate the very art form that helped you deal. Fuck.

— Andrés du Bouchet (@dubouchet) April 17, 2015




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