The right’s Cosby conspiracy

I’m Facebook friends with a knee-jerk conservative dittohead who posted this the other day:

If you think Bill Cosby is under attack right now, just wait until Dr. Ben Carson or some other conservative black man announces that he’s officially a candidate for president.They’re going to wish they were Bill Cosby.

So Cosby is being “attacked” because of his political views? Not surprisingly this developing conservative meme was started by a certain morbidly obese heroin addict:

“What did Bill Cosby ever do to tick off some producer at CNN? Or some reporter? Or some assignment? What happened here?” Limbaugh asked. “And then I had to stop and remember, Bill Cosby has numerous times in the recent past given public lectures in which he has said to one degree or another that black families and communities had better step up and get hold of themselves and not fall prey to the forces of destruction that rip them apart. And basically he started demanding that people start accepting responsibility. And the next thing you know he is the nation’s biggest rapist as far as CNN is concerned.”

Cosby started speaking out on such issues 10 years ago but has been largely unheard from since. Odd time to be plotting a conspiracy against someone.

2 responses to “The right’s Cosby conspiracy”

  1. On the one hand, I believe you probably are right on this. But on the other hand, why is Bill Cosby in the news now for events that allegedly occurred 30 years ago? Even if the answer is that it has just been disclosed, that yet does not make it “news” in any sense I understand.

  2. Yeah, why is it news when one of the most famous people in the country, is suddenly accused of rape by two dozen women? What do you think is “news,” Jack, if this isn’t?

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