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The week in stupid

The good news: Paul Broun won’t be in Congress next year. The bad news: Jody Hice will take his place.

“The parallels as you’re talking are just incredible with what we are seeing in America,” he said, adding that “like a politician here in America,” Hitler “made all these wonderful promises” before transforming into the “monster you never saw coming.”

“And so, you’ve got the nationalized education, nationalized banking, nationalized press that you alluded to, the nationalized medical care,” Hice said later in the program. “It sounds like you were describing America. And the last thing that you mentioned was the gun control. It sounds like you were describing to us tomorrow’s newspaper here in America. Every one of these issues we’re facing right now.”

Russell Brand appeals to those people who like their comedians unfunny and their ideologies naively Marxist. When he’s not urging people not to vote, Brand touts moronic conspiracy theories and screams “Islamophobia” anytime someone mentions Islamic terrorism.

(T)he host asked Brand to explain the portion of his book that gives credence to theories that the destruction of World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, looked like a “controlled explosion.”

“I think it is interesting at this time when we have so little trust in our political figures, where ordinary people have so little trust in their media, that we have to remain open-minded to any kind of possibility,” Brand responded. “What I do think is very interesting is the relationship that the Bush family have had for a long time with the bin Laden family.” He then accused the BBC of building an “anti-Islamic” narrative in its coverage of the Ottawa shootings this week.

Any list of stupid would be incomplete without amateur historian Louie Gohmert, one of Rush Limbaugh’s “all-time favorite members of the House of Representatives.”

I’ve had people say, “Hey, you know, there’s nothing wrong with gays in the military. Look at the Greeks.” Well, you know, they did have people come along who they loved that was the same sex and would give them massages before they went into battle. But you know what, it’s a different kind of fighting, it’s a different kind of war and if you’re sitting around getting massages all day ready to go into the big, planned battle, then you’re not going to last very long. It’s guerrilla fighting. You are going to be ultimately vulnerable to terrorism and, you know, if that’s what you start doing in the military like the Greeks did, as people have said, “Louie, you have got to understand, you don’t even know your history.” Oh, yes, I do. I know exactly. It’s not a good idea.


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