The 10 worst movies I paid money to see

11 thoughts on “The 10 worst movies I paid money to see”

  1. Very Bad Things is a self fulfilling prophecy, but combining Robin Williams and Jennifer Lopez in one of the most depressing movies ever makes Jack the wors I’ve ever seen.

  2. Battle Beyond the Stars. It’s hard to believe that John Sayles’ career is ignominiously associated with John Boy in space and a hillbilly talking robot?

  3. No Christopher Columbus movies, Distinguished Gentleman or Toys? Dracula was pretty bad too.

  4. I didn’t pay money for the Columbus movies. Unfort. I did pay to see Dracula and Distinguished Gentleman (see dishonorable mention).

  5. I’m sorry to say I paid to see “Best Defense” in which Eddie Murphy had an embarrassing cameo alongside “star” Dudley Moore. It was in the early-mid ’80s. As I recall, Murphy was riding in a tank and his only line was “I’m from Cleveland.” It was at the end of that time when Cleveland by itself was a punch line, though not a particularly funny one, especially when you were the 14,000th person to say it, like Murphy in this abomination.

  6. I am pleased that I have only seen 2 of these movies. My own list would include “Eyes Wide Shut” and Wes Craven’s “Shocker”.

  7. I walked out of Bram Stoker’s Dracula! It was an abortion!
    That guy who played Jo’s boyfriend on The Facts of Life was a hottie, at least by 80s standards.

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