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Hashtaggery has become just another outlet for America’s cult of victimhood. #YesAllWomen is just the latest response to the shootings at UCSB, .

I say this not as someone who believes racism and sexism have been eradicated, but rather as a non-acronymed individual who tries to maintain some context.

I’m gay, and was once assaulted because of it. It happened a dozen years ago, and I’ve moved on, thankful that I’m not, for example, a gay Iranian.

You gotta wonder what the women of Afghanistan would think about portions of the #YesAllWomen thread:

“Here’s to never hearing a dude tell a woman to ‘smile’ ever again”; “If I don’t feign an interest in what the too-friendly grocery clerk is telling me, everyone in line will judge me”; and, my personal favorite: “When I asked for Happy Meal and didn’t specify a gender, they gave me ‘boy’ toys. Male is the default.”

And of course there’s the obligatory Lena Dunham tweet complimenting herself and her acolytes for being “brave,” as if they risked retribution by typing 140 characters or less.

“I love my web friends an especially lot this weekend. You give me great hope in an often dark and unsparing world,” said the actress who recently received a $3.7 million advance for her first book.

I’m reminded of this exchange between Svetlana, the one-legged Russian from “The Sopranos,” and Tony:

‘That’s the trouble with you Americans. You expect nothing bad ever to happen. … You have too much time to think about yourselves.” #Truth


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