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Donald Sterling exposed more than his own ignorance

Donald Sterling is a bigot who got what he deserved.

But the over-reaction to his comments reveals how fucking soft, and emotionally trigger-happy, we’ve become.

For instance, an ESPN reporter said that, in first game played after Sterling’s racist musings went public, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan was in a “catatonic state.” He scored zero points in the Clips’ Game 4 loss.

I’d hate to see how Jordan would’ve fared marching to Selma, when there were thousands of Donald Sterlings yelling much worse things. And that was the least of what the civil rights demonstrators faced.

Now some are calling for the Clippers to change their nickname. One Yahoo! Sports columnist wrote, “Using the old transitive property we learned in high school math, the link is simple and stark: Clippers = Sterling = Racist.”

Based on that logic, virtually every American sports team older than 50 years should change their nicknames since, odds are, they were once owned by a racist.

For years, the Boston Red Sox were owned by Tom Yawkey, a notorious racist who makes Sterling look like Phil Donahue in comparison.

According to Yawkey’s 1976 obituary in The Boston Globe, future Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson tried out at Fenway Park in 1945.

According to the Globe:

The story went that Mr. Yawkey and Eddie Collins were standing in the back of the park and the club owner allegedly said: “all right, get those [expletives] out of the ball park.” Robinson for years branded him a racist.

Let’s all calm down. Donald Sterling is a racist who’s paying the price for his ignorance. Good. Time to move on.





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