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Cameron Diaz has written a book about pubic hair

Consistent with my need to inflict unnecessary pain upon myself, I listened to a radio interview with that dipshit Cameron Diaz and the cloying, squeaky voiced wife of Tim Allen-loving bromance auteur Judd Apatow.

They talked about their girls outing to northern California with Drew Barrymore, a trip that, had I been on, would’ve ended in my suicide. But it was empowering, yo, just like those “Charlie’s Angels” movies.

The conversation then turned to Diaz’s new book, which has something to do with empowerment (for really dumb people, I assume). It’s titled The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body, because every woman has an amazing body, even if they don’t. That’s not me being sexist. Most men don’t have amazing bodies, either. I certainly don’t. 

Apparently Diaz tackles such weighty issues as pubic hair maintenance. Finally, a celebrity willing to tackle the tough issues.

Needless to say the  hosts lickspittles were all agog, blinded by the blond.


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