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For the millionth time, the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate

Drudge tries to bait the white victim class w/ the headline:

High School Students Suspended Indefinitely For Bringing Confederate Flag To School…


White supremacy is the only reason for flying the Stars and Bars. And don’t give me the “Southern pride” rationale. I’m a native Southerner and the flag is an embarrassment.



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  1. For the millionth time, the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate…..
    LOL and you can keep telling yourself that a million times more my friend, but it doesn’t change the fact that American society is apparently rejecting that particular view of the flag. Perhaps because the only people who believe that flag to be racist are themselves white supremacists and “progressive” PC Establishment tools like yourself who think that rejecting your Southern identity will get you on the in with people who will always see you as a Jeff Foxworthy punchline no matter how much of their attitude and ideology you adopt.

    Oh and for a native Southerner you certainly are a big ignorant on the proper terminology. The Confederate battle flag is NOT the “Stars and Bars”….that particular term applies to the Confederate First National Banner. FYI.

  2. I notice you don’t say what the flag is a symbol of, and if you really think the majority of Americans see it as anything but you need to let some oxygen into your bubble.

  3. The Dixie Cross (also known as the Confederate Battle Flag, the Confederate Naval Jack, and the Southern Cross) is recognized widely throughout the world as:
    (1) a LIVING SYMBOL of modern Southern cultural identity
    (2) a symbol of the Confederate heritage and history of the American Southland
    (3) a memorial to the memories and heroism of the Confederate soldier and sailor of the American Civil War 1861 – 1865.
    This banner, its colors and its emblem are the defining symbol of Southern cultural identity and Confederate historical heritage for a large number of Confederate descendants across the world.

    Well, I hope that about clarifies it for you. Sorry but I can’t put it in smaller words or use A-B-C games on your lower double-digit IQ level.

  4. Thank God most Southerners don’t identify with that embarrassing relic.The only yard I ever saw one flying in belonged to a Klansman.

  5. For the millionth time, you are an idiot if you think the Confederate battle flag has anything remotely to do with racism….it’s only in the mind of a racist. The U.S. flag is flown as much, if not more, by hate groups. It fits the liberal agenda to think of this flag as a symbol of hate. I’m a native Southerner and of Celtic heritage; it’s a flag that honors my Confederate veteran ancestors and descended from my Celtic ancestors. If it bothers you, get over it or let it continue to be your problem because you are finished trying to make me apologize for what?

  6. My great-grandmother, born shortly after the Civil War, was named Wade Hampton. Her sisters had first names like Florence and Isabel and middle names like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, but my female ancestor was Wade Hampton. Just wanted you to know that to establish my Southern bona fides.

    Because I agree wholeheartedly with the blog host on this matter. The Confederate flag (or Dixie Cross or whatever you choose to call the cloth emblem that contemporary Americans associate with the Confederacy) is a symbol of hatred. If you say it’s to honor Confederate war dead, you’re leaving unsaid that those men died in war over states’ rights, the only one of which really mattered was the right to hold people of African descent as chattel. If you say it’s a symbol of Southern culture, then you’re leaving unsaid that antebellum Southern culture was built upon an economic system dependent upon holding people of African descent as chattel. (You want Southern culture? Read Faulkner.) And if you think that contemporary Americans do not understand that it is a symbol of racist hatred, then you’re as delusional as those who claim that the flag means something else, even when that something else can always be traced back to holding people of African descent as chattel, which, you know, pretty much involves racial hatred. But then, if you’re deluding yourself about the true meaning of that flag, then you’re probably also deluding yourself about your own racism.

  7. Extremists have wrapped themselves in the Federal flag, the stars and stripes too and it’s been used for a lot of hateful and awful acts Think of Timothy McVeigh. It’s sad that the Confederate flag was used by the KKK and white supremacists but the fact remains that the civil war was a war about states rights. I have an ancestor who fought in the civil war. I have an ancestor who fought in the American revolution too, and every war this country has ever had. Also, Robert E. Lee never owned any slaves and was a great military man. To remove his statue, which has been done in Orlando, FL. Is an insult to my heritage (which is Scotch-Irish) on all sides.

  8. 57 % of Americans see the confederate flag as a symbol of heritage. 33% as racism. So please stop condemning something the subject of which you are apparently ignorant. Heritage not hate!

  9. the only reason he sees it as hate is because he’s a sheep and follows the herd. He’s never said a thing about this in all his free time, except now that the Media has told him it is something that it’s not. 2 months ago if he saw it he’d think southern pride. now he thinks hate. but he wants to jump on the bandwagon and preach what the news said like hes some righteous advocate when in reality he doesn’t have 1 single original thought in this entire post. The irony is that banning the flag is unconstitutional bitch just like segregation was deemed unconstitutional. it is a symbol for southern pride and heritage. and if you know your history black were slaves in the south at one point, which means that most people who continue in the ignorant ways of white supremacy are more than likely going to be deeply rooted in southern culture, thereby they will probably have that flag. somewhere in a photo or around. That does not deem the flag as hate anymore than it deems southern dialects, or sweet tea. OMG in this picture the attacker was drinking southern sweet tea, ban it. your a dumb ass. its ok for them to vote to remove something but there vote was chosen due to pressure from ignorant bigots, not their own beliefs. But you continue to do jump on the media bandwagon and enjoy the “freedoms” you still currently have because if they can get people like you to waste your time trying to infringe on other people constitutional rights than so be it. our countries been turning into a shit hole for decades due to your ignorance, the most significant focal point of this countries beliefs is the constitution, If you think they ever intended for it to be ignored so bigots can be heard then you should simply move elsewhere i will always fights for my constitutional rights as long as it does not infringe on the rights of other people to pursue life liberty and happiness. Which this flag has not done, at least until the media told you it was a month ago.

  10. The Southern economy required slavery for the same reason that the South lost the war so decisively…a distinct lack of mechanized industry. The North had long sought to maintain that status quo through Congressionally imposed tariffs and duties, thereby forcing much of the South’s raw materials through Northern mills prior to export. Agrarian based Southern slavery was in fact, a [the] dominant economic consideration of the industrialized North.

    A war over slavery does not explain why it is that the Confederate Constitution outlawed the importation of slaves while it took years for Lincoln’s much ballyhooed Emancipation Proclamation to issue and that only freed those slaves specifically held in the South. In what reality would anyone expect Jefferson Davis to comply and, more to the point, why did the President’s executive indignation fail to apply in the North? What did he really mean when he said that given a choice between the peculiar institution of slavery and disunion, abolishing involuntary servitude was not the priority issue and yet he still refused to grant recognition to a peace delegation from Richmond. Why did the U.S. Congress fail to act on behalf of the perpetually bound masses held throughout the North, including the Nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C.? How is it that the enduring example of abolitionist sentiment is epitomized by psychopath John Brown’s failed uprising at Harper’s Ferry while the race riots in New York and elsewhere were the result of attempting to prevent the spread of equality for all. Finally, it deserves at least some notice that, for the most part, those who fought and died for the Southern cause were not wealthy slave owners and had nothing to gain and everything to lose by fighting a war to maintain the practice. A fight to defend one’s sovereignty however, is to preserve the blessings of liberty for our posterity.

    These are inconvenient truths but they are truths nonetheless and it should not surprise anyone that, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the current crop of movers and shakers continues to confuse our history and heritage by getting the whole flag thing wrong. The Civil War was an economic war fought against an intrusive Federal government and 150 years later “we” are still busy covering up the facts in deference to the delicate sensibilities of a select few. For my part I intend to proudly display Lee’s flag for the same reason(s) that it was originally flown.

  11. Event though slaves were treated badly in the south, the north was treating everybody worse. They had child labor and kids working in sweatshops and people losing legs and hands left and right. Slaves only got disciplined if they disobeyed and you only see a handful of slaves escaping compared the numbers that stayed. Slavery was actually declining before the invention of the cotton gin that northerners made. And many slave owners wrote in their journal that their slaves were like their family and treated them well. You cant listen to the minority of slaves complaining and think that they are the majority. And many northerners had slaves and children that worked in their factory’s. Also the Civil War should have been called the war of Northern Aggression due to the fact the Union wanted to destroy a 3rd of their work force and successfully did thanks to the releasing of slaves and Sherman’s march. You wanna know how much the north messed up the south. Look at wear all the wealth is, in the north. The union should have let us become our own nation ( that was what we were trying to do) and they said fine but they had fort Sumter pointed at Charleston which can be compared to Cuba having nukes pointed at us). Even after the war, racism still existed but if the northerners did nothing the it would have faded out.

    And your a embarrassment to the south so get your Yankee butt out of here.

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