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The right’s alternate reality

Between stale quips — someone, probably herself, has convinced Sarah Palin she’s funny — the half-term former governor of Alaska endorsed an abject failure.

Palin’s speech was a pretty typical collection of memes, alliterative insults, and sentence fragmentation, but the one thing that stuck with me was her endorsement of the theory that Ted Cruz’s demand that the CR not include funding for Obamacare was itself the reason that Obamacare had become unpopular. Also, that Cruz had acted on this demand with a “filibuster.’ To every pollster and (cough) beltway Republican, the two-week government shutdown was an obvious and predictable disaster, a real-time bailout of the Democrats that distracted from the absolute nadir of’s problems and gave the president a poll boost, and to everyone familiar with Senate rules, Cruz’s marathon speech was not actually a filibuster.

That bit of revisionist history drew some of the biggest applause at CPAC.

For his part, Cruz made the absurd argument that the GOP keeps losing elections because it has not veered far enough to the right.

“In ‘06, ‘08 and ‘12, we put our head down, stood for nothing — and we got walloped,” he said.

Perhaps that’s why Mitch McConnell came out brandishing a gun — literally — during his CPAC cameo.

It’s purity or bust these days for conservatives.





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  1. I thought she was quite funny. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but there is some truth to this, “the GOP keeps losing election because it has not veered far enough to the right.”

    It’s not a move to the right that’s missing, but something more akin to authenticity. There is a phoniness to conservatives right now, like bringing that gun in as a stage prop. It’s so phony. Palin is quite authentic and real, and that has a great deal to do with her popularity. If the R’s could just find some integrity, some authenticity, it would make a huge difference.

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