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America’s cable news nightlymare is finally over

Piers Morgan, equal parts obsequious and obnoxious, is out at CNN. But at least we’ll have the memories.

Such as his 2011 interview with Matt Damon, whom, according to Piers, stood alone in warning the country about Sarah Palin.

MORGAN: So [you] won the election. Because you focused people’s attention in one moment on what was an extraordinary situation, where someone could come from nowhere, as you rightly said, and potentially run the country.

DAMON: Yes. I mean, I would never say I would have won the election but –

MORGAN: Of course.

DAMON: But I think I said something that a lot of people were saying. I just was the first person that it got picked up, I think.

Yeah, because no one else could tell Palin was a little dim. But in Morgan’s world, the Earth revolves around celebrities, who should be treated with the appropriate reverence.

He was downright worshipful of Prince William and that Middleton dame, scolding us Americans who dared not treat their wedding as the biggest event of the millennium.

We do owe Piers a small debt of gratitude, as no one one has done more to remind us why we declared independence from the throne. Escaping twats like Piers would’ve been reason enough.




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