‘Pull the string’

“Ed Wood,” released 20 years ago this year, is damn near a perfect film. I watched it again recently for the first time in years and fell in love all over again.

It was Johnny Depp’s finest performance, one, based on recent choices, he’s unlikely to top. Too bad, because quirky suits him.  Same goes for Tim Burton, who set just the right tone by casting the “worst director of all time” in a positive, Capra-esque light. It’s probably something of a whitewash, but here it works.

Martin Landau’s turn as Bela Lugosi got most of the attention, along with a well-deserved Academy Award. Who knew the star of “Space: 1999” had it in him?

Bill Murray, as would-be transsexual Bunny Breckinridge, and Vincent D’Onfrio, playing a frustrated Orson Welles, were both terrific.

You don’t see many life-affirming movies about losers, but “Ed Wood” is just that. If you’ve never seen it before, watch it. Those who have are encouraged to rediscover it.

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