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More Aitzaz Hasan, less Bieber

A few weeks ago, 15-year-old Aitzaz Hasan reminded the world what true heroism looks like, sacrificing his life to stop a psychopath from killing 2,000 classmates.

“So he told [his classmates] ‘I’m going to stop him. He is going to school to kill my friends,’” an eyewitness recalled. “He wanted to capture this suicide bomber. He wanted to stop [him].”

Speaking with the Express Tribune of Pakistan, Aitzaz’s father Mujahid Ali echoed those sentiments: “My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children.”

Compelling stuff, but it’s barely been mentioned by the Bieber-obsessed American media. In a world devoid of heroes, Aitzaz’s bravery merits attention. His death shouldn’t be just a footnote.





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