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The Malcontent’s Most Annoying People, Places & Things of 2013: EW Radio

My masochistic streak, which causes me to do things like listen to Glenn Beck, watch “Reality Bites” and read about nemesis Dustin Lance Black’s latest winning hand at the gay poker table, recently led me to a new irritant: Entertainment Weekly radio, ground zero of all that’s unholy.

All that annoys me can be found on Satan’s station, staffed by the editors of EW, all of whom appear to be braying idiots.

Of course there’s the requisite gay caricatures with the sophisticated taste of a immature tween. And the sci-fi geeks who place quality special effects over good storytelling.

They’re all shamelessly obsequious. I listened one day as starfucker-in-chief Jess Cagle interviewed Joseph Gordon-Levitt about his directorial debut “Don Jon.” You would’ve thought he was interviewing Orson Welles about “Citizen Kane.”

Avoid this station, or don’t, if, like me, you enjoy a little disgust.

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