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The Malcontent’s Most Annoying People, Places & Things of 2013: Kanye’s enablers

Kanye West and his media enablers insist that he’s a genius, but the evidence indicates otherwise.

  • While paying tribute to Michael Jordan during a Chicago concert, West called the former NBA legend one of “the most important people in our civilization” before launching into a diatribe about how the Bulls shortchanged Jordan by not giving him a stake in the ownership. Jordan was by far the highest-paid player in the NBA at the time, but in West’s world no one has it rougher than superstars.
  • He recently told a class of grad students, “I really do believe the world can be saved by design.”
  • West says his “passion is for humanity” and that his art is totally about “beauty, truth, awesomeness.” And persian rugs with cherub imagery.
  • He willingly entered into a relationship with a Kardashian.

Try  convincing the acolytes, who buy their dear leader’s claim that he is “clearing a path for people to dream properly.”

Or, as Russell Simmons wrote, “It is his genius, his tenacity, his creativity, his relentlessness and his madness, that will allow us all to one day have the ability to touch the sky.”

Clearly he has self-absorbed manchild/genius confusion.


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