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Stoking the flames of white victimhood

The headline on Breitbart:


The article paints the victim in a sympathetic light, as if the Stars and Bars isn’t provocation.

The junior, Jacob Green, told Fox News: “I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve flown that flag on my truck. Somebody fought me because of it. I didn’t fight him.” …

Green contends that that flag stands for “more independence” from government. He said those who flew that flag during the Civil War were fighting to be free from an overreaching central government.

Fighting to be free to own slaves, to be exact.

I’m not saying Jacob deserved to be beaten up, though there are consequences to ignorance. Blame his parents, who, according to the article, “are thinking about pursuing hate crime charges against the student who allegedly attacked their son.”

Score one for the white victim class.

Judging by the comments on Breitbart, the Confederate-loving dunces have plenty of enablers.


4 thoughts on “Stoking the flames of white victimhood Leave a comment

  1. I don’t own a Confederate flag, or a Confederate battle flag, or whatever arouses so much ire. But dumbasses should be free to fly it, wear it, and wave it wherever they want, including a public school. The First Amendment exists to protect unpopular speech; that is its intended function. Non-offensive speech needs no protection.

  2. It’s not white victimhood, it’s Southern victimhood. The South does not have its own race.

  3. Your website is a great example of Leftist thinking. Very tolerant of other opinions (which all happen to be wrong and stupid since they don’t agree with you). Lenin and Stalin would be very proud, as would another great supporter of tolerance, Joseph Goebbels. In a free society one is supposed to be able to have an opinion, even one that goes against Big Brother’s party line.
    I wonder what you would be saying if that drug-addled robot, Roof, had been photographed with a rainbow flag or some other symbol of tolerance. I’m sure you have no problem with people wearing a Che t-shirt (celebrating a mass murderer of teachers, professors, doctors, or any other enemy of his cause), or anything that would offend a Christian or a conservative.

  4. You, as most people, are under the belief that the civil war was purely about owning slaves. You couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, one of the ideas of the confederacy was to abolish slavery anyway because many other countries had already done so. The real reason the south tried to suceed was due to financial reasons. Lincoln freed the slaves ONLY IN THE SOUTH as a power play. Unfortunately, some bigoted southerners have ignorantly used the confederate flag to express their racism. You accuse southerners of being ignorant of the fact the flag is associated with racism, but in fact you’re the ignorant one not doing research on the facts, but blindly following the lies you’ve been told growing up. But if that’s what you want to do, you are more than welcome to perpetuate ignorant stereotypes, you have every right, just like anyone can display any flag they would like (including an isis flag).

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