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Cobb County, a primer

Cobb County is full of contradictions. Its schools are among the best in the state (a low threshold, to be fair). Atlanta’s ballet and opera companies recently relocated there and both say its been good for business.

But Cobb County also has a sizable contingent of yahoos. One of its hamlets, Kennesaw, passed a law requiring every citizen to own a handgun. In the 90s, county commissioners lost the opportunity to host the volleyball competition during the Atlanta Olympics because it insisted on a resolution condemning the gay lifestyle as ”incompatible with the standards to which this community subscribes.” And it was only five years ago that a tavern just off the Marietta square sold T-shirts featuring “Obama in ’08” inscribed over cartoon chimp Curious George peeling a banana.

“I’m saying out loud what everyone in this town whispers,” the bar’s owner told me.

That’s an overstatement, certainly, but not a wild one. The chairman of Cobb’s Republican Party has two conditions for supporting the stadium, one of which requires little reading between the lines.

“It is absolutely necessary the (transportation) solution is all about moving cars in and around Cobb and surrounding counties from our north and east where most Braves fans travel from, and not moving people into Cobb by rail from Atlanta.”

He also wants to hear either Christian rock or contemporary country music in between innings. Something tells me he’ll get his wish.





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